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Become more effective in the kitchen

2013-01-17T11:00:00Z 2013-01-18T08:41:57Z Become more effective in the kitchenAimee Stephens savvyshopperdeals.com
January 17, 2013 11:00 am  • 

Do you wish you had more time to cook and prepare healthier meals for your family? Do you eat out way more than you should and feel like you're sacrificing money and health?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re probably pretty normal. 

For most of us, we do eat out more than we should. Try and ask yourself why you’re eating out: Is it because you want to, or because you have to? 

If you could make more time in your life to cook and plan your meals, would you eat at home more? 

Some people love eating out, and they do it for that reason. But for a lot of us it’s because we didn’t plan anything for dinner and don’t have time to cook. 

Here are a few great ideas that I’ve recently learned and implemented that have made a huge difference in the way my family eats. 

They take some time to adjust to, but once you do your family will be eating healthier, and you will be spending less time in the kitchen.

• Cook meat in advance: This is by far the best idea that I’ve learned in the kitchen and it saves me so much time.

I have learned to cook most of my meat in advance and freeze it. I’ve always frozen raw meat, but when I’m in a hurry or haven’t planned well, frozen, uncooked meat doesn’t do me any good. So I’ve started cooking my chicken and ground beef or turkey once a week, and freezing it. 

I portion it out and put it into freezer bags, then when I need some cooked chicken I pull a baggie out of the freezer.  It literally takes me minutes to make a stir fry, casserole, or something else that the kids will love, and all because my meat is already cooked.  

• Cut up produce in advance: This has not only saved me time every day, but it also helps me be more healthy. 

After I get back from the store, I take some time and wash and cut up my fruits and veggies.  If I buy a bunch of veggies for a salad, and they’re already cut up, I’m so much more likely to eat a salad every night because it’s ready to go. 

So many people waste so much produce because they buy it, forget they have it, and then throw it away a couple weeks later.  Just buy some good plastic containers, or you can use Ziploc baggies, and have your produce ready to go. 

You’ll also find that your kids are more likely to snack on fruits and veggies when you try this idea, which is a total perk!

• Buy in bulk: Buying in bulk is such a great thing to save you time and money. 

Last week I was at the store, and they had four loaves of bread for $5!  What a great deal!  So I bought the bread, and went home and put the extra loaves in my freezer. 

Having an outdoor freezer has saved me money and plenty of trips to the store every month.

Just figure out what foods you eat the most that are available in bulk, and start stocking up. You’ll be amazed at how convenient this really is, and how much money it can save you.

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